About Us

Lightbulb Psychology Ltd was set up by Katie Lees and Margaret Bullock. Katie and Margaret had worked together for 12 years with children and families, schools and other organizations within the public sector. They shared a commitment to Positive Psychology practice and a belief in the principles of Solution Thinking. Their vision for Lightbulb Psychology Ltd is to share their knowledge of psychology to help others, through collaboration, to find the solutions that are best for them.


Katie Lees

I am a positive ‘can do’ person with almost twenty years experience as an educationalist, including over ten years within local authority as a qualified Educational Psychologist. I have excellent communication skills and am skilled at developing rapport with both children and the adults who parent and work with these young people.

I conduct all aspects of psychological assessment work with children and young people, including providing psychological advice and recommendations to inform Statutory Requests for Formal Assessment in connection with the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice (CoP) and have developed specialisms in the areas of Early Years, children and young people’s mental health and child brain injury.

My vision is to work collaboratively alongside other professionals, parents and carers, as a team around the child, seeking out solutions to help promote change.

I am Bond Solon trained as an Expert Witness with a focus on Family Law and Procedure and also have experience of expert witness work in the areas of SEN Tribunals and Medico-legal work.

I am a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a committee member of the North West Branch of the Society. I am also a Member of the Association of Educational Psychologists (AEP) and Health Professions Council (HPC) Registered.

Prior to my role as an Educational and Child Psychologist I worked as both a qualitative and quantitative Market Research Executive, applying psychology to the world of business.

I love working as a psychologist and am eternally grateful to my Maths ‘A’ level teacher who spotted my potential to work in this field many years ago and suggested I apply to do a degree in Psychology. I, like my co-company director, Margaret, find interest and enjoyment in watching old episodes of Columbo, and appreciate the character’s humble yet totally perceptive approach. If I hadn’t been a psychologist I would have been a ballet dancer and from time to time you will find me at the theatre, totally mesmerised by the beauty, creativity, emotion and storytelling people can achieve with a pair of a pale, pink, satin ballet shoes.



Margaret Bullock

My vision is to share psychological knowledge to help find solutions. I am a great believer that working collaboratively, building relationships and noticing strengths are what make change happen.

Like most Educational Psychologists I began my working life as a teacher. Since qualifying as an Educational Psychologist in 1998 I have worked for two different Local Authorities and I have also worked for a number of years as an Expert Witness in Family Law. I am now using all my experience in my practice with Lightbulb Psychology Ltd.

Over the years I have developed a working knowledge of human development, teaching and learning, social, emotional and behaviour issues, relationships, communication needs and mental health. I have also developed practical expertise around assessments, solution finding, therapeutic interventions, education management and staff training.

And if I wasn’t a psychologist? Well I think I would be a detective! I haven’t watched all 68 episodes of Columbo without learning a thing or two!