As applied psychologists, our psychological expertise can be applied to business settings, as well as education and families.

Our experience of working in education management and of undertaking organisational psychology research within educational settings may have a wider application for Local Authority, community and voluntary organisations as well as private businesses that might be interested in the applied psychology and/or training that we could offer. Our work in supporting education managers, staff and parents and our work in helping to develop effective organisational systems, knowledge of behaviour change and expertise in human learning and development could be particularly useful.

We know that many staff in the caring professions have a professional requirement for supervision. We also know that many staff find it difficult to cope with organisational change or when changes in legislation or policy require changes in behaviour. We have experience of training and implementing strengths based, solution oriented models of supervision for staff that can meet needs for support and promote autonomy around further development.

We welcome your enquiries as to how psychology can help your business.