Educational Psychologists understand that a young person’s development is a product of the interaction between the young person and their environment and as such we appreciate and understand the significance of family life.

We would seek to support parents/carers as key partners in their child’s education and collaborate with them regarding areas of concern that arise regarding their child’s development. This can involve helping parents/carers and schools to work together or it could involve direct support to families such as managing challenging behaviour, enhancing parenting skills or helping the adults to identify their own needs.

Our experience of applying our psychological knowledge with families and the wider community has included a variety of successful interventions such as parenting skills courses for help with managing behaviour and building relationships; parenting courses designed specifically for teenagers and young adults, including helping parents to discuss sexual relationships with their children; cyber safety : developing the knowledge to keep young people safe whilst using their computers and telephones; adult coaching and adult mental health and well-being. We have also had some enjoyable and very productive experience of leading family orientated interventions that have included positive male role models and also managing pet behaviour.

We also have experience of working with families who receive support from Social Care, including families within Care Proceedings, foster carers and adoptive parents. We are professionally associated with psychologists who have considerable experience and expertise in working therapeutically with families in these circumstances.